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Learn the skills you need

We will teach you the advanced knowledge you need and require to run a professional natural skincare brand.
We don’t just teach you how to mix and match ingredients without giving you a background knowledge of these ingredients.


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Learn at your own pace

Learn at your own pace without pressure.
You can log out and log in whenever, and start from where you left off, at any time.


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We’ve built a special website that you can access any time.
Whether you’re at home in your pyjamas, getting busy in the kitchen, or even on your morning commute, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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At the end of the course, you’ll receive a certificate of course completion

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Getting Started

Set yourself up for success by learning:

The natural ingredients your skin needs to thrive.

How to create effective skincare products.

How plant oils work to protect your skin and how to choose the best for you.

The therapeutic effects of essential oils, when and when not to use them.

The materials and tools you’ll need for skincare success.


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You will learn about the importance of research and development and understand the fundamentals of organic chemistry; knowing the various therapeutic properties of different substances and which go together, and which do not. Of course, this is how you will create products that differ from anything else on the market; creating your USP (unique selling proposition) and keeping your business competitive.


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As with any industry, credibility is key to creating a profitable business. You will learn about the science behind natural products.

Just as important as credibility, this information will also ensure your products are uniquely effective, which in turn will set the path for a much more loyal consumer base.


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Why you need this course


As a skincare formulator, you would be confronted at all times with different individuals of varying skin conditions and different skin types.
You must be able to distinctly differentiate between skin types and skin conditions and have a sound knowledge of how to handle them when the need arises.
Skincare education helps every professional perform better and the results are seen in an instant boost in profit turn over.
Invest in yourself and in your business, get the right knowledge and skills you need in order to excel in the competitive skincare business.
Start Your Training Today! Get a Certificate of Course Completion for more credibility to your skincare business.

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